The pace of technology adoption seems to increase by the day. At the same time calling yourself a cutting edge agent gets harder and harder.  It seems just as a new product or service hits the market, every agent you talk to is using it to get a leg up on the competition. One area where it seems most agents aren’t embracing change is the use of text messaging to contact prospects and clients. Here are four reasons you should incorporate text messaging into your sales system.

1.  The element of surprise



When HotWired unveiled the world’s first web banner ad (above) in 1994 to drive traffic to their site, it boasted a click-through rate of 44%. Now it’s considered pretty good to receive a click-through rate of 0.3%. Email open rates have dropped considerably over the last decade as well. Why? Because we no longer find these forms of marketing surprising.

So in classic “Why should I do something no one else does?” fashion, you should do it because no one else does. It will set you apart from other agents and chances are your contacts won’t expect it..

2.  Texts get read

Unlike emails, it’s pretty common to at least glance at every text message you receive. In fact, most cell phones are designed to prioritize text messages with different notifications than emails because they tend to be more important and personal.

Chances are you don’t need a reminder on how the digital sales funnel works, but in case you do, higher open rates lead to higher response rates.  By sending a text message you increase your chances of the recipient reading, and ultimately responding, vs. just sending them an email.

3.  You stand a better chance of getting a response

In addition to the more opens=more response I covered in #2, text messages receive higher response rates for other reasons. First, texts are more personal. Most people normally receive texts from just their friends, family and coworkers and probably respond to most. If you send your prospects a text, their brains may automatically feel the urge to respond to you just as they would a close acquaintance.

Also, responding to a text message seems to require less effort than an email. Texts are less formal and limited in character length, this makes the back and forth of arranging a call or showing quick and eliminates unnecessary formality.

4.  Texts are less invasive than phone calls

Have you ever called a lead and caught them at a terrible time? Did you blow your first impression by irritating them with a call in the middle of Johnny’s school play? Lots of prospects may sneak a peek at your listing during the middle of the workday. Can they take personal calls at work? You have no way of knowing.

The beauty of a text message is its much less invasive.  If you don’t believe me, try sending this simple text to your next new lead:

Hi Sam, Thanks for checking out my listing. When’s a good time for me to call to chat more? Thanks, Bob Agent

Chances are you’ll get a response and know the best time to call them. If not, you can still give them a call a few hours later.

Have you had success incorporating text messaging in your sales process? Any thoughts for or against using texts to contact new prospects? Let me know in the comments below.