If you haven’t already heard, we’ve recently built some exciting new features here at FiveStreet.

In an effort to continue to help you close as many leads as possible, we’ve launched integrations with many of the services you may already use for ongoing lead followup.

You can now integrate your FiveStreet account directly with MailChimp, Bomb Bomb, Top Producer, or Contactually. To help simplify your sales funnel, when a lead comes to your FiveStreet account it can now be automatically pushed to any of these other services.

  • Top Producer – Leading real-estate CRM helps you manage your whole pipeline.
  • MailChimp –  Send ongoing email drip campaigns or monthly newsletters.
  • BombBomb – Build relationships with video email.
  • Contactually – Easily categorize contacts and manage relationships.

Your leads will still receive their normal text and/or email autoreply from FiveStreet in the first five minutes and will autmatically show up in any services you have integrated warm and ready for ongoing followup.

As more and more agents begin to utilize multiple services for ongoing lead followup, transaction management, contact management and more, we see an increasing demand to reduce the time needed to enter new leads in multiple services. Adding further difficulty, leads come in at all hours of the day and from many different lead sources. We hope you will being to rely on FiveStreet as a connector between your lead sources and your followup services.

To enable any of these feature please visit the “Add-Ons” section of the “Account” tab of your FiveStreet account. 

We hope you’ll find these integrations as awesome as we think they are.


Interested in integrating FiveStreet with another service?
Great! we’re excited to integrate with as many services as possible. We’re initially focusing on integrating with the most widely used and technology friendly services. Some services are easier than others for us to integrate with, but we promise to take as many into consideration as possible. Email support@fivestreet.com to suggest an integration.